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How to Choose the Right Tax Help

So you have found yourself in a bind with the tax man. Perhaps you’ve fallen behind on your filing, or your business can’t keep up with its monthly payments, or like millions of businesses you’ve run afoul of the rules regarding payroll taxes. Whatever your situation (believe me, there are countless stories of taxpayers in debt and how they got that way) I think it’s comforting to know that you’re not alone. Nor do you have to go it alone. There are various means of getting help, from free resources to full-on legal representation. But how do you know what’s right for your situation? And what is the best value that matches your needs? Before someone ‘sells’ you something you don’t need, get to know your options so you can make an educated, informed decision.
Free Options
If your problem is with the Internal Revenue Service, you may want to start by contacting them directly. While they are in the business of collecting taxes, they also have a wealth of information that may get you started in the right direction.
The downside of reaching out the IRS is that while they strive to be helpful, their objective is still to collect back taxes, as much and as fast as possible. They have an obligation to be honest and forthright but still you can’t expect the IRS to lay out every possible option or to fight on your behalf.
Tax Attorneys
Tax attorneys represent the other end of the spectrum. They are the ideal representation if you are concerned about litigation related to your tax problem. If you are being accused of breaking a state or federal law in regards to your tax liability and need someone who can represent you in court, a tax attorney is your best (and perhaps only) option for help.
The downside is the price of such help. Quality representation is costly, but when weighed against the option of potential jail time it can be a worthy expense.
When trying to select someone to represent you remember experience counts. You want someone who has dealt with situations just like your countless times. This is why a typical litigator or contract attorney may not be your best option. Tax codes are complex and you don’t want someone learning on the job, no matter how much you trust them.
There are many tax attorneys and choosing the right one doesn’t have to be difficult. You want to select one that is local, so they can physically represent you in court. Shopping by price may not garner the results you intend, as most attorneys charge a retainer, and if the retainer is low, they many simply request additional funds to continue your representation. Your best option is probably to get a reference from a person you trust because someone who has already worked with an attorney can give insight to their capabilities. There are also local attorney referral sources or websites where information about attorneys and firms can be found, also the attorneys are rated, which helps provide some guidance about their ethics and practice.
Tax Resolution Firms
There are many companies that fall under this category. They may be a local firm or work nationwide, but either way a tax resolution firm is good option for those who are facing a serious tax liability and are not getting the results they want, and don’t feel like they are getting things resolved on their own. When the tax authorities begin the collections process (filing tax liens or tax warrants, visits / phone calls from revenue officers, etc.), it may be time to looking into professional help firms such as these provide. Tax resolution firms employ tax attorneys, certified public accountants and Enrolled Agents (an Enrolled Agent is someone who is certified to handle tax problems by the tax authorities) and often have ample experience in representing businesses and individuals to the IRS.
Tax resolution firms make a lot of sense because they bring a balance between experience and cost. A good firm will have associates with years of experience and a successful track record, and their cost comes well below what a tax attorney would charge. While they are staffed with attorneys, tax resolution firms cannot represent you in a criminal case or civil case where you intend to go to court.

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