Back Taxes

Overwhelmed by back taxes piling up? Feel like you’re never going to escape the debt you are in? Isn’t it about time you took control of your financial situation? That is what we aim to do here at BC Tax. With the help of the CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and former IRS agents working in our company, you will be able to discover new ways to resolve your back taxes. No matter how much debt you’re currently in, we can do something to relieve it.

There are a variety of tactics we can use to alleviate some of your back taxes. We could review your past tax returns to ensure that they were filed properly. We can look for additional discounts you may have missed out on. We could also negotiate a settlement with the IRS that minimizes the money you have to pay the government. In one way or another, we will make your situation a lot better.

When set up correctly, an installment plan should give you the ability to pay off your back taxes within the confines of your budget. If your payments are too low, all you will do is rack up interest on your account. If your payments are too high, you may go broke just trying to get back on your feet. We know how to establish the perfect balance so the IRS is just as happy as your bank account. Contact us today to see what arrangements we can work out.