About Us

The nation’s top tax resolution experts.

For years now, we have worked with our clients to help reduce their debt and reduce their stress. We will work hard to do the same for you. We have a variety of tax debt solutions to accomplish this and your dedicated tax expert will guide you through the process. And the entire time, our focus will be on keeping you informed of every step so that you know exactly where your file is.

The most experienced negotiators around.
And experience brings confidence. All of our financial consultants are business experts certified and trained to negotiate with the IRS. We specialize in tax negotiation, handle new requests like yours every day, we have working relationships with the IRS that enables us to establish credibility for you, to get the best resolution possible.

A team that focuses on solutions.
There are always a variety of solutions are available, but which one is the best? First we’ll assess your situation and explain your rights and options. Then we’ll develop a plan of action you’re comfortable with. We will stop the calls collections. From the moment you retain BC Tax, we will handle all communications with the IRS, state tax authorities and even creditors, so you can get back to your life.